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12 - 18 November

Tuesday Lesson:

Linear Equations

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Wednesday Lesson:

Equations With Brackets - Mixed Number / Improper Fraction Conversions

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Week 5 - 11 November

Tuesday Lesson:

Admin and Intro


Wednesday Lesson:

Directed Numbers

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Grade Boundaries For Previous Exam Sittings

Grade Boundaries (out of 240 possible marks):

SittingGrade 5Grade 4Grade 3
Jun 201715812290
Nov 201714511383
Jun 2018169136101

These are the Foundation Tier grade boundaries for the first three sittings of the new Edexcel GCSE Maths. The first two sets of exams were not at all popular with students but the June 2018 exams were viewed as more reasonable. The grade boundaries were higher but students felt they had more opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Exam Dates For GCSE Maths Summer 2019

The dates for your exams next summer are as follows:

Paper 1Non-Calculator1MA1 1FTue 21 MayAM
Paper 2Calculator1MA1 2FThu 06 JuneAM
Paper 3Calculator1MA1 3FTue 11 JuneAM

These dates are final and will not be changed.


Welcome to the Maths Intervention Class web page.

Here we will record the work done to help you target a Grade 5 in your GCSE Maths next summer.

Two short sessions per week cannot substitute for the learning you can achieve during the 4 lessons per week you have with your Maths teacher. It is the commitment you show in those lessons that will be the most important factor in determining your eventual grade. View intervention sessions as an opportunity to consolidate and put into practice what you learn in your normal Maths lessons.

11 - INT Homework

Expanding Brackets

For next Tuesday please complete these exercises on expanding brackets and self-mark from the solutions provided.

You can print lesson notes if required and you can watch Video lesson FA4 if you are struggling.